The Startup Visa Podcast

Jennifer Weinhart, Policy Manager, Engine

December 27, 2021 Tahmina
The Startup Visa Podcast
Jennifer Weinhart, Policy Manager, Engine
Show Notes

In this episode, I interview Jennifer Weinhart, Policy Manager at Engine. Engine supports the growth of technology entrepreneurship through economic research, policy analysis, and advocacy on local and national issues. It is the voice of startups in government. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing her!

The Startup Visa Series is a series of interviews of thought leaders on startups, entrepreneurship, and immigration from around the world. Hear more about why they argue for the need for a startup visa. Guests include startup founders, venture capitalists, investors, policymakers and others. This interview series coincides with the launch of the 2nd Edition of my book, The Startup Visa which is now available for order here!

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